British beefburgers

Quality British beefburgers

Flavoured burgers

High quality beef, seasoned to perfection

At The Real Sausage Co, we're as serious about beefburgers as we we are about our other quality meat products. We offer a selection of speciality flavoured burgers which are ideal for bringing some variety to your barbecue. 
If you're looking for a quality British beefburger, call The Real Sausage Co. today on
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Our burgers

  • 80% beefburgers - Approximately 4oz per burger - proper beefburgers, they taste like they ought to! Absolutely nothing like what passes as a beef burger elsewhere.
  • Minty lamb burgers - a 4oz burger the classic British flavour combo of lamb and fresh mint.
  • Pork & apple burgers - 4oz beefburger with a fruity twist. Great for barbecues.
  • Chilli burgers - 4 oz beefburger with an added kick. For those who like it hot.
  • Venison & cranberry - 4oz of rich game meat flavoured with a tangy cranberry twist
  • Curry burger - East meets West with our 4oz beef burger flavoured with traditional curry spices

  • Cracked black pepper burger - a simple 4oz beef burger, heavily seasoned with aromatic black pepper
classic British flavours
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